For international customers, we can provide food export services including:

International Sales and Marketing Services

  • Identify foreign market opportunities.
  • Locate new foreign customers and respond to unsolicited sales inquiries from overseas.
  • Create marketing plans for international markets.
  • Manage existing international customers and increase sales through new product offerings and marketing initiatives.
  • Prepare international sales quotations and negotiate sales contracts.
  • Participate in international trade shows and customer meetings.
  • Coordinate advertising in international trade publications, in-store demos, or restaurant promotions.

Export Operations

  • Prepare order for export.
  • Coordinate/schedule shipment with freight forwarders.
  • Prepare or train staff on export documentation.
  • Obtain any necessary import/export licenses.
  • Review/update on export regulations and requirements.
  • Obtain product registrations in foreign countries.
  • Forecasting.

Financial/Credit Services

  • Assist in setting up credit for new customers by obtaining appropriate paperwork, references, and in-country credit reports.
  • Help mitigate financial exposure/risk through insurance plans, country risk reports, alternative credit options, etc. for export receivables.
  • Arrange collections services on foreign open receivables.
  • Negotiate letters of credit or other financial instruments on your behalf.